Needless to say, those who like glasses and serving customers. We are also looking for people who are ambitious and make every effort to achieve what they want, and who constantly want to evolve into something better tomorrow.

No problem at all. Most of our shop staff start with zero experience.

We have training staff in the company who will teach you the skills required for selling glasses through training seminars and OJT.

None in particular. We give more importance to personal character when we select our people.

The age range of our shop staff is broad, from 20’s to 40’s.

Yes, we ask our staff to wear OWNDAYS glasses.

By wearing OWNDAYS glasses, staff can explain the characteristics of our products to customers. We want our staff to wear trendy glasses in their work and look hip and cute. *Lenses can be powerless. *You don’t actually have to put on the glasses, but just wear it on you.

We have an “employee promotion system” for those who have cleared certain conditions (number of years worked, etc.) Please make use of this system!

YES! We have our own polo shirt which we lend out to staff when they join the company.

Sorry we don’t. We do arrange accommodations for staff assigned to other locations to provide long term support, etc.