The origin of the name of our company is a combination of “own days” and pronunciation of the word “on” as in on/off.

We hope that we can make you feel refreshed day after day by wearing our glasses.

In order to let all the people related to OWNDAYS as happy as possible, and getting even happier day by day, we will keep providing our best glasses and make our every effort to become only one company in the world.

We, OWNDAYS, are always earnest. That’s because we know that how enjoyable it is to keep being earnest.

Since we are earnest, we can advance one more step. Since we are earnest, we can make it. Our long term goal is to become the NUMBER ONE OPTICAL SHOP CHAIN most needed by consumers, not only in Japan but also all over the world. We will continue making our utmost effort until the day we can reach the goal.

Working hard but smart!

Optical industry is as known as “half medical and half commercial” business.

The glasses we sell are of course "vision corrective instruments"..

In order to help customers to have comfortable views and comfortable life, we make our best endeavor to get all staff to have secure knowledge and technology.

Glasses are also fashion items.

We select an optimal pair of glasses for each customer, to add colour to his/her fashion style and life style, because we would like to give customers such excitement as meeting with fresh myself, that you did not think you could be yesterday.

Making customers smile through OWNDAYS’ products and services.

With this hope we provide customers with "comfortable life”.

With secure knowledge and technology, we face our customers’ lives.

We are at your service in our stores as the professional of customer service,coordination, and of course optical business.

We keep learning to be more professional day by day, so we can share the joy of having clear vision with customers.