Don’t dream it, be it!

Some people say “I have no dream for future.” or “I can’t find what want to do.”

If you feel that way, why don’t you write down “what you want to do”, and ”what you want to get”.

Then you will find out there are a lot of things.

“I want to travel abroad.”

“I want to own my favorite car.”

“I want to become able to speak English.”

“I want to have a beautiful girl friend.”

“I want to be good at sales.”

“I want to design POP or Advertisement myself.”

They can be simple wishes like these.

Not necessary to be noble wishes which everybody admire, like;

“I want to change the world”,

“I want to eradicate crimes.”

or “I want to protect the global environment.

Even if the top management of the company you have joined has a big dream like “we shall become a number one company in the industry”, you don’t have to share the same dream and work together with him, pretending to be his follower, or deceiving himself.

I think that the more important thing is to try as hard as you can for what you want to get right now, no matter how small the target is.

If the target is something money can buy, you can just try to make a lot of money.

If you want to be able to do something, you can just try hard to learn it.

While you are working that frantically, it could become a part of life, and when you know it, it might become your lifetime work.

First motive can be anything.

For example, it is OK to get engaged in mass media just because you want to have a beautiful girl friend, and think there are good opportunities to come across beautiful girls in that business. And if you find yourself to unconsciously be absorbed in the charm of the work as time goes by, and eventually you become life time professional, it is a great result. Life can go that way.

The most important thing is to try as hard and earnestly as you can, and become independent by yourself.

Anything can be possible if you make your every effort for letting your dream come true, devoting your every moment.

Talking about myself, my first goal wasn’t to be a company president.

I just started my own business to keep myself alive.

And one day I realized that my responsibility as a company president is so big, because the number of staff increased.

Meantime, I got aware of how enjoyable it is to accomplish something with my staff, and of the great joy of supporting a life of people.

After working as a president for 15 years like that, I think finally I could become a real president.

Now, I’m confident of what I have to do, that includes all the pleasant things and the painful things.

It seems like God’s will given to me. So if I live my life very seriously every day with my work, I can lead my life filled with joy and satisfaction.

It is not easy to find out a dream or a goal which are worth betting your life, and it can never be given by anyone, even the company, the president, or whoever.

There might be many people who finish their lives before they find out their dream or goal for their life.

It is certain, however, that once you find out what to do in real meaning, your life will be hundred times as fruitful as the life without knowing what to do.

Then your life will be the extremely interesting entertainment, nevertheless the dream comes true or not eventually.

I would say, such things as a dream or a goal for a life are something like gifts from the God, suddenly given to those who are living with their very best effort every day.

Therefore, I would never tell my staff to become like me, or follow me.

My life is of my own, I will never give it to you.

Your life is yours, I don’t need it.

Just one thing. If you don’t have a dream or a goal which are worth betting your life, and are leading your life aimlessly day after day, it may be good to join OWNDAYS.

And then while working with your coworkers toward the common target, which is "we shall become the No.1 optical shop chain.", you will notice the importance of doing your best for the day, and will find a great joy of accomplish something.

In that process, you could find your dream which you should chase for in real meaning, and even if you need to choose the other way than OWNDAYS, I will be proud of the fact that we worked together at OWNDAYS, proud of the meaning of my foundation of the company, proud of the company which enriched your life more or less.

Once you were given your life on the earth, you have to live with all your might. I think that it is the responsibility of anyone who has been born.

I will be very glad if you feel sympathy with what I wrote here and apply for the employment at OWNDAYS. Of course, a mid-career applications are also welcome.